Linux Memo

This documentis written about linux command and source code
to remember how to use commands on linux and how linux
executes jobs in kernel.

This document is based on Linux kernel 2.6.13

Memory Management

  • Memory Management for Bootup
  • e820h
  • Global Descriptor Table for Bootup
  • Page Initalization for Bootup
  • Remap e820 memory region maps
  • Set Up Memory
  • Paging Initialization
  • Free pages
  • Allocate pages
  • kmalloc()
  • vmalloc()
  • Kernel Object (under constructing)

  • kobject
  • PCI Related

  • PCI and its detection
  • PCMCIA (yenta socket driver)
  • Network Filtering

  • Tracking Connection
  • NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • get_unique_tuple()


    inserted by FC2 system